J. Khobb – ODB (Incl. Daniel Bruns Remix)

J Khobb - ODB (Daniel Bruns Remix)

136 Grad Recordings welcomes a new member: Say hello to J. Khobb & his debut EP called ODB / Blissfulness. Deep, melodic and experimental vibes compared with warm basslines and salty shakes. Dennis Booka, Marcelo Wallace, Daniel Bruns and t&T are delivering their way to talk about the ODB.


  1. ODB (Original Mix)
  2. ODB (Marcello Wallace Remix)
  3. ODB (Daniel Bruns Remix)
  4. ODB (T&t Remix)
  5. ODB (Dennis Booka’s Puple Sprite Remix)
  6. ODB (Dub Mix)
  7. Blissfulness

Release date: 31.10.2016
Label: 136 Grad Recordings
CAT: 136GRAD041