Daniel Bruns – Wintersun [CIRQ036]

CIRQ036 Daniel Bruns – Wintersun

A myriad of fluffy snowflakes glistening in the cold and dry crystalline air. Golden rays of warm winter sun flicker in timeless rhythm, enveloping the whole scenery in sparkling light of joy. Contrasting the viral winter vortex with a relentless countervibe, Daniel Bruns supplies some long needed musical vitamin D with the thirtysixth installment of the sonic spectacle that is Cirque Du Son. 

Sparkling mallet ripples of sound softly illuminate the stage for Wintersun (CIRQ036), growing into a lush warming cloak of bouyant arpeggios rapturously beguiling that creamy push and pull.

Progressing into an ecstatic melodic-house solar worshipper of a dance-trip Daniel Bruns – Wintersun is sheer luminous sonic flux.


01. Daniel Bruns – Wintersun (Original Mix)

Beatport & Spotify Release: 26.02.21